Globalwarming Awareness2007

Globalwarming awareness2007 - The championship

Globalwarming awareness2007 is an SEO championship. The goal is to rank as high as possible on,,
The keyphrase selected for it is : Globalwarming awareness2007. This globalwarming awareness2007 seo constest is the first known International contest.

Globalwarming awareness2007 - The rules

SEO knows that, it is easyer to be weel ranked on a domain name that already exist.
To put everyone at the same level, the main rule is to participate with a domain name opened only from the 15th of january.
You could imagine how many domain name including the keyphrase Globalwarming awareness2007 have been opened on this day.
Axe-Net, Our french company, is participating with the domain name Globalwarming
It will be a tough job for the organizer of the Globalwarming awareness2007 championship to exclude the domain name appearing on the results with older domain name.

Globalwarming awareness2007 - The idea

Our Planet is getting warmer! GlobalWarming Awareness2007 contest is focusing on creating consciousness of our planet heat rise.
The SEO community is well placed to make a big buzz on the web. That why this contest is focused on the keyphrase Globalwarming awareness2007

Globalwarming awareness2007 Why do we participate at Axe-Net

We at Axe-Net consider that globalwarming is a real important problem, and we try to act against it everyday with many small actions.
Participating to the Globalwarming awareness2007 championship is another way to help reduce globalwarming by giving information about it.
We dont really wish to be in the top ten winners, because we won't have enough time for it but we are curious about how we do competiting with all the SEO of the world.

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Globalwarming awareness2007 : Axe-Net RESULTS

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Stupid test, just to see : globalwarming awareness2007

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You would like to help us on Globalwarming awareness2007 championship ?

It's simple.
Just make a link to us on your website using this code.

Globalwarming awareness2007 ! Send your Ideas to give solutions to fight against globalwarming. Exchange links with us on globalwarming awarness2007 keyphrase. Whatch our solutions to do something against globalwarming. Our friends on this contest are globalwarming awareness2007 and globalwarming awareness2007 and globalwarming awareness2007.

Globalwarming awareness2007 - the problem ?

What is globalwarming ?
What is awareness ?

Global warming is one of the most serious challenges facing us
today. To protect the next generations, we must reduce our emissions of heat-trapping gases.

Higher temperatures threaten dangerous consequences: drought, disease, floods, lost ecosystems. And from sweltering heat to rising seas, global warming's effects
have already begun.

The average surface temperature of earth has increased more than 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1900 and the rate of warming has been nearly three times the century-long average since 1970. the 21st century could see temperatures rise 3 to 8 degrees

Would you experiment this ?

Globalwarming awareness2007 Solutions

Small things can be done with big effect.

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